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A Student Nurse Christmas

Christmas I find is a lot like marmite…you either love it or hate it.

Most people do love it but I have to confess I am a total Grinch! One thing we can all agree on though is that it is a stressful time of year for most people.

So how the hell do you have an amazing Christmas when you’re a student nurse?

To start with you only have 2 weeks off (if you’re lucky) & most likely you’re exhausted after just finishing a long placement block. PLUS you probably have an exam to revise for or an assignment due in January, & you need to work extra bank shifts whilst you’re not at uni or on placement!

Yet somehow you are still expected to make time to visit family, buy & wrap all the presents, decorate the house, buy a new outfit or Christmas jumper, plan & cook the Christmas dinner, attend all the Christmas parties, meals out, pantos, school plays etc.

But this year will be different & a lot of Christmas plans & traditions might not go ahead, depending on what the Covid regulations are at the time. So it may be a lot quieter than last year…….or you might decide that after such a tough year you want to make this Christmas the biggest & best one yet.

Either way the most important thing is to remember it’s WHO we spend Christmas with…NOT how we spend it.

I’ll never forget during my second year in 2016, I had a placement on a very busy & emotionally challenging ward. It was a few weeks before Christmas, & whilst on my break in the canteen, I overheard 2 consultants discussing which French Alp ski resort they would be spending Christmas in. I felt so jealous & ashamed listening to them, as I could barely afford the Christmas turkey & had been worrying about how I was going to pay for presents.

But as it turned out I found a way of making cheap & unique hand-made presents which my family loved & still have now! All they really cared about was the fact they got to see me & spend time with me, not how much money I spent on buying them presents.

It’s so easy to get carried away & feel pressured into having the perfect Christmas, when all that really matters is being with the people you love…..even if it has to be via zoom this year.

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