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Despite everything that’s happened this year I still cannot believe how quick it has gone now, and next week we’ll be entering the last month of 2020!

Even though we’re all facing tough times and the future is still very much unknown (is there finally a cure for Covid?!). I’m already starting to feel the excitement beginning to build up in anticipation of a new year, and seeing the back of 2020 (who’s with me?). Combined with official permission to get into the Christmas spirit and planning the official launch of The Student Nurse Guide Society (SNGS) for January 2021, things are really starting to ramp up around here!


I cannot wait for everyone to finally see inside SNGS and start helping you and supporting you all, in the ways you need it most!

For my VIPs who have already signed up you will get exclusive insider access on 11th December 2020 a full month before everyone else.

There are still a few spaces left if you want to join them but you have to sign up by Tuesday 1st December. If you’ve been thinking about joining for a while, don’t wait until it’s too late!



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We’ve already had a few emails from members with common questions so I have included them all below for you. If you have any other questions or just want to find out more you can comment below or email thestudentnurseguide@gmail.com

1. What exactly do I get when I join The Student Nurse Guide Society?

If you join by 1st December 2020 you will get exclusive first access on 11th December, a month before everyone else. When the society opens officially on 11th January 2021 you will get instant access to the 3 main camps: Home & Money, University & Placement. Within each of these sites are mini workshops designed to quickly teach you, and give you the tools to help you learn, organise, prepare, and achieve success in each area. You can go through each workshop as many times as you need and at your own pace at a time that is convenient for you.

Although the society is huge and covers everything you could possibly need as a student nurse, it has been designed and split into specific sites to help you navigate and quickly access whatever you need first, each time you log in.

In addition you also get monthly online coaching sessions to support you and exclusive access to the private facebook group to connect with other student nurses and qualified nurses to provide support and online mentorship. There are also bonus mini workshops to help prepare you for interviews, starting your degree and prepare you for your first role as a qualified nurse.

2. Why have I never heard of it before?

The Student Nurse Guide Society is a brand new concept developed by nurses for nursing students. I created it after qualifying as a nurse in 2018 and found it a very difficult process to navigate and without the level of support I was expecting. Most degree programmes center around self-study and problem solving alone. Which can be extremely time consuming when trawling through so much “advice” which is not relevant to you, and frustrating when you don’t even know what the right words are to google search! I wanted to create a new way for student nurses to just go to one place to get hold of the right, relevant information, quickly and easily, and also in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. I also wanted student nurses to feel more supported and understood and to not feel alone especially now covid has forced so many into distance learning.

3. Why is it so expensive? Why is it not free?

If you join by next Tuesday 1st December, it is only £99 for LIFETIME membership. It will NEVER be this price again and will cost £249 to join next year. This price is due to the huge value you receive in return for joining and due to the running costs of The Student Nurse Guide Society. Don’t forget when you join you will learn how to cut costs as a student, where to get freebies and save money, and even INCREASE YOUR INCOME! £99 is a small investment to become a lifetime member when you compare to paying the NMC £120 every year just to work as a nurse. Becoming a member right now is a great investment you can’t afford to miss out on, and will be there to help through every stage of your degree.

4. What if I’m already in my final year? Is it too late to join then?

It’s never too late to join, even if you’re only a few months from qualifying! By building your self-confidence & emotional resilience skills, guiding you through the different options and career paths as a nurse, developing your interviewing skills to land your dream job, you will easily transition from student to registered nurse.   

5. What if I want to be a nurse but don’t know where to start? What if I’m not at university yet?

You don’t have to already be a Student Nurse to join The Student Nurse Guide Society. In fact joining the society is a perfect starting point on your journey to becoming a nurse, as you gain the most up to date information on the entire process, and find out exactly what you need to do to get into university. You will also be able to find out first-hand what it’s like being a student nurse, what’s expected of you, and be able to start making plans ready for university and student life.

Connect with The Student Nurse Guide & let me know what you would like to see more of? What questions do you have that you are too afraid to ask? Send us a message or comment below with what you want to know.

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