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5 quick & simple ways to instantly re-energise your space & boost your mood during lockdown

January 2021.

UK in lockdown AGAIN. Schools shut. Remote learning. Placements cancelled.

And AGAIN you’re stuck at home….juggling assignment writing, online lectures, virtual placements, family life, and even home schooling the kids. How any of us will be left with a shred of sanity after this will be a miracle!

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed please read this post on helpful tips to managing such uncertain times and where to get more help and support.

Of course we all understand how important it is to stay home & really it’s a very small sacrifice to make to keep everyone safe. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy spending nearly 24 hours a day indoors. Unless of course you have a house big enough to have your own office, a classroom & teacher for the kids, and a gym, pool & indoor cinema to keep you all entertained! But if like me you don’t own the dream house yet and want some quick, easy and free (or nearly free) ways to bring fresh energy and positive vibes to your home, bedroom or working spaces then read on.

1. Play music to energise

Normally I love listening to BBC6 music when home alone but the minute all the family are back & competing for airspace, I have to turn it off just so I can hear myself think! Its tempting to try & maintain a quiet household during lockdown to get kids to focus on their schoolwork & for you to study. But really its all about using music to your advantage. Play some fun happy tunes to switch up the energy in the morning & get yourself pumped ready for another day. Then maybe some low background easy listening jazz for chill vibes whilst you work, or even classical music to help calm the kids….its all about trying different things to find what works for you as a family. Maybe you prefer your local radio station as your background companion, but be mindful as to how many news broadcasts are played out. Even if you’re not paying much attention to it, your subconscious will still be listening & absorbing negative media which is not helpful to anyone right now!

2. Hygge yourself

Hygge is the Danish culture of making your life life cosy and bringing more contentment and better well being. Its all about adding in the the small comforts… wear soft loose clothing (just leave the webcam off!), fill your space with warm snug blankets & cushions, light your candles & use your favourite scents, switch up your lighting with different lamps to create  a cozy glow, make your favourite tea & experiment with different herbal ones that can help you feel more relaxed. The aim is to surround yourself with small comforts which all add up to you feeling more relaxed whilst you work.

3. Freshen up

One of the quickest & easiest ways to bring in fresh energy is to add fresh flowers or plants to your workspace or even a bowl of mixed citrus fruits. Not only will they brighten up the place, they are also a good reminder of Spring hiding just around the corner & help connect you to nature & boost your mood.

4. Display your favourite treasures

We are all guilty of only using our favourite drinking glasses/mugs or pens or candles on special occasions. Well my friend that rainy day you’ve been waiting for is here, so it’s time to bring them all out. That also goes for any favourite artwork, trinkets, photos or souvenirs you may have stashed somewhere safe. Don’t worry about displaying them all perfectly, just bring them out where you can see them. The key to deciding on which things to display is to ask yourself does it bring you a small amount of joy or happiness when you see/use them? Again its all about trying different things to find what works for you, you may find that actually storing away old photos, artwork and gifts etc. gives you a fresh release.

5. If in doubt…..clean

Sometimes just the thought of cleaning is exhausting. At times it can even feel like never ending soul sucking drudgery! But the times when you feel overwhelmed & don’t know where to start, or you’re feeling frustrated & full of negative anxious energy….that’s the time to roll up your sleeves. Just pick one small task, e.g. washing up, putting laundry away, or vacuuming & set a timer for 15-20 minutes so you don’t get trapped into a 2 hour full house clean! This gives you enough time to complete a task which leaves you feeling more accomplished & in control, as well as burning off that negative energy through moving your body. You’re also left with a cleaner, fresher & brighter area which allows more energy to flow through. P.S. I often find this works if I’m stuck on something when writing assignments, as the break away from my workspace combined with physical movement gives my brain a chance to come up with a new solution or idea

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