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Best nursing podcasts & TV shows which help your learning as a student nurse

Following on from the last blog post on how to find out your learning style & how that can help you grasp any subject you may be struggling with, I wanted to share with you my top nursing TV shows & podcasts.

If you’re an auditory or visual learner these can really help you with learning about different conditions & how they present & the nursing assessment process.

They can also help cement in new learning experiences you may have had on placement by recognising similar patient scenarios on tv & build your knowledge around medical terminology.

I only included UK shows & podcasts & nothing based on fiction or drama so you get a more accurate insight of nursing, healthcare & patients. 

1. 24 hours in A&E on Channel 4

Probably one of the most popular & well known, 24 hours is fascinating due to how each patient story is told through the cameras & also by interviewing the patient & their friends & family. It helps to give you that insight into the patients experience, as well as the impact on their relatives & the types of support they need. Even if you have no desire to work in A&E the show is helpful in your learning, as it gives a basic explanation of many common procedures & the assessment process. As your knowledge grows you will soon find that you do your own nursing assessment on each patient & get to annoy your family each time you say “See I told you he needed a CT head.”  This is usually on channel 4 & you can also watch on catch up on all4. 

2. Hospital on BBC iplayer

Behind the scenes type documentary which makes you appreciate all the moving parts of how hospitals operate & what that entails. It gives you a good insight into what really happens at the management meetings & why changes are made which filter down into your practice. You also learn a lot about new treatments & drug trials which can help with research & assignments, & build your knowledge base around different departments like ITU & theatres. This is aired on BBC2 & you can watch it online on BBC iplayer. 

3. Inside the ambulance on Channel W

Although not specifically nursing this is a great show for building your assessment knowledge, & is hugely varied in terms of the different types of patients & conditions that paramedics encounter. Although you currently can’t watch this online it’s frequently on channel W. 

4. Nyrsys on BBC iplayer

This is a Welsh language show with English subtitles which you can catch on BBC iplayer for a short time. It really gives a true picture of community nursing in West Wales & shows how different the role of a district nurse is compared to hospital nursing. I wish there were more shows about district nurses because some of the characters you meet & the relationships you form with your patients over time are truly unique. 

5. Nursing Standard podcast

A wealth of information for nursing students & registered nurses alike, the podcast covers all kinds of subjects within nursing. Ranging from nursing history to practical self care advice, it’s a great resource for current issues within nursing. 

6. The waiting room with Dr Alex podcast

Although more medical than nursing there are some great interviews with nurses, & different medical questions are answered in more straightforward terms. Current issues in healthcare are also discussed & more episodes on mental health for both patients & staff. 

7. Dr Matt & Dr Mike podcast

Another medical podcast but covers topics more in depth & really explains everything you would need to know on specific subjects with different experts sharing their knowledge in terms that even I can understand! 

8. Dying matters podcast

Dying Matters is part of the hospice UK charity & aims to widen the national conversation about death, dying & bereavement. This podcast really helps normalise death & is a great resource if you’re worried about how to handle the death of a patient & breaking bad news. 

9. Resus room podcast

This podcast breaks down different types of patient scenarios & conditions which are critical & require complex decision making. Each episode breaks down a patient case study & the interventions & management required. Although aimed at medics this podcast can help familiarise yourself with critical patients & is really helpful if you have a critical care placement. 

10. Navigating nursing podcast

A great podcast for learning about the many different roles in nursing. The navigating nursing podcast interviews nurses working in roles & areas you may never even have heard of, & gives helpful advice for anyone interested in working in these areas. 

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