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Free Masterclass On The Essentials You Will Need For Your Nursing Degree

Last year I created the Top 20 Essentials List You Will Need For Your Nursing Degree. The list was compiled by current student nurses, & newly qualified nurses, who wanted to share what they couldn’t have survived without during their degree. It’s a free eguide which has been hugely popular to help students prepare before starting their nursing degree.

Even if you have already started your nursing degree, this free Masterclass & EGUIDE can still help you, as there may be something on the list you hadn’t thought of or didn’t know where to buy.

When I first started my degree I had so many questions. Did I need to bring my laptop to uni? Or just bring a pen & notebook? What’s a trade union & why do I need to join one? What did I need for placement? I no idea what nursing shoes even were, let alone where to find the right ones! That’s why I created this free download to help you, just click on the link below for free instant access.

The essentials list has been divided into 3 parts:

1. What you will need for university.

2. What is required for clinical placement.

3. What you will need to manage your home life & finances.

Of course many items apply to all 3 areas, so will be good investments at the start of your degree to carry you through. You may be surprised to find many things you already have, but some may need upgrading to meet the demands of clinical placement or university work.

The free eguide also includes links on where to find & buy things online, & also how to get discounts & save money across a range of other essentials such as food, travel & clothes!

If you can buy what you need before starting your degree you will save time, money & stress! However it is possible to get things as you go along if that suits you better. It will also be helpful to share with friends & family who may be looking to buy you a gift to celebrate passing exams & being accepted at uni.

So many students have told me how helpful they found it so I wanted to go one step further & give you a FREE masterclass as well, to help show you what you need to get & also what not to get!

If you’ve already had the free download but have any questions or want to find out more then the FREE masterclass can help you. Starting on Wednesday 31st March 2021 the masterclass will show you where to find the best deals to save you money, what type of laptop or tablet to buy (& which ones to avoid completely), everything you need to prepare you for placement, & which books aren’t a waste of your money.

You don’t need anything for the masterclass, just sign up on the link below & all the details will be emailed to you. The masterclass starts on 31/03/21 – 2/4/21 & will be emailed to you each day so you can following along in your own time. Each session will only run a maximum of 30 minutes as I know how busy you all are & promise not to waste your time with stuff that isn’t relevant!

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