The student nurse guide was created to provide all the practical advice to help you with not only managing university and clinical placements, but also your home life and financial matters.

Within each of these areas are a number of actions, tools and resources to help save you time, money and stress. I created this wealth of knowledge to share with you, after I struggled to find practical solutions to common issues, that many student nurses face.

I began my BSc in Nursing in September 2015 and qualified in September 2018. Since then I have worked on a busy but rewarding oncology/ haematology ward which I love.

When I first started my degree I was a single mum to my 2 year old daughter, and had no experience of working in a hospital environment or nursing. My desire to become a nurse stemmed back from caring for my mum, after she had an accident at work and suffered a brain injury. This led me into a job at a residential care home where I realised how much I loved looking after people, and felt like I was making a difference in my job. Eventually when I finally felt ready, I applied and was accepted at Swansea University.

Looking back now it’s funny because I always said I would never be a nurse as my mum used to be a nurse! But life has a funny way of making sure you end up where you need to be, and now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Being a student nurse was easily the hardest thing I have ever done! Trying to get through all the academic work and pass the assignments and exams was tough enough, but then combining this with 37.5 hours of clinical placement a week?! Let alone managing a budget and housework and keeping family commitments and raising a toddler on top.

But all this taught me so many valuable lessons that I can now share. The biggest one being if that if you can pass your nursing degree then everything else is easy and you can pretty much achieve anything after this!