Welcome To The Student Nurse Guide Society

Support, Information, & Motivation for UK Student Nurses

Becoming a nurse is like setting off on a big adventure. It’s a long way to go and on the way you will have to climb some pretty big mountains to reach your destination.

I created the Student Nurse Guide Society (SNGS) to bring all nursing students together and navigate the way for you, to support you as you climb those mountains and help you overcome any challenges you may face on the way.

What if you could instantly reach your tribe who know exactly what you are going through, and support and advise you through every stage of your training?

Instead of hours wasted googling and searching for the best shoes for placement…….or how to prepare for your first band 5 interview…….what if all the right information was just a simple click away?

What if you could learn all the secret tricks and tools to getting more money, passing your assessments, and still have time to do all the things you love?

The Student Nurse Guide Society is the ultimate solution to help you successfully graduate without sacrificing the things you love or burning out!

I graduated in 2018 with honors despite everyone saying I could never do it and overcoming every possible challenge you can imagine along the way. I know only too well how it feels to have to fight tooth & nail just to get through your degree with little or no support. That’s why I vowed to help student nurses once I qualified, so you don’t have to go through what I did.

I know university tutors are unavailable or can’t support you in the ways you need, and mentors on placement are too busy or too unapproachable to even dream of asking for help! I know you don’t have time to read through long pages on different websites trying to find the right information which actually applies to your situation. The Student Nurse Guide Society will give you all the answers and support you need, quickly and easily in one place.

Lifetime Membership One Time Payment
  • 1 payment of £249 for lifetime membership to The Student Nurse Guide Society
Lifetime Membership Installment Plan
  • x3 monthly payments of £83 for lifetime membership to The Student Nurse Guide Society

What’s Inside The Student Nurse Guide Society…

Home & Money Workshop

Instant access to the home & money workshop to help you maximise your income as a student & organise your home life so you can relax on your days off. Practical tools to help you implement personalised self-care, & build your emotional resilience & prevent burnout.  

Includes downloadable packs to create a budget which works for you, & meal plan & food shop stress free.

University Workshop

Instant access to the University workshop to help you learn & remember core nursing theory, & organise your academic work to keep one step ahead & end those last minute frantic assignment writing nights.

Includes downloadable packs for revision planning, assignment planning, childcare hours record, important university contacts record, common nursing abbreviations, & reference & bibliography lists.

Placement Workshop

Instant access to the placement workshop to build your self-confidence as a student nurse, staying motivated when you’re exhausted & learning what it really takes to be a good nurse.

Includes downloadable packs to record achieved nursing skills, learning objectives, additional placement learning opportunities, completed placement hours, travel expenses & mileage record.

In addition you will also get…

  • Monthly coaching sessions with me to discuss all the latest topics & information you need to know & also the opportunity to anonymously ask those questions you are too scared to ask anyone else.
  • Exclusive access to the private Student Nurse Guide Society Facebook group which connects members & qualified nurses, to provide you with the latest guidance and support.
  • Bonus mini workshop to prepare you for transitioning to University if you have not already started your degree, including what essentials you will need before you start your course & where to find them.
  • Bonus mini workshop to help you prepare & practice for interviews, whether it’s for university or your first qualified nursing role, you will get access to example questions and answers to enable your best chance of success.

Who The Student Nurse Guide Society Is For…

  • Anyone who wants to become a nurse, whether you’re just thinking about retraining as a nurse & wondering where to start, or if its been your life long dream & you’ve just finished school, or you’re already studying an access course or A-levels at college.
  • Anyone who is already on a nursing degree programme in the UK, it doesn’t matter if you are 1st, 2nd or 3rd year, if you attend your local university or the open university…..The Student Nurse Guide Society is the ultimate solution to help you graduate without the stress using a different approach in training.
  • Anyone from any background, no matter what your circumstances are or what challenges you have to overcome…….The Student Nurse Guide Society believes anyone can become a nurse if it is your passion.

Why should I join The Student Nurse Guide Society now …

  • Lifetime membership means you will always have access to the society & all of the new content & resources will be immediately available to you for free.
  • You will immediately be able to start making more money & save money on all your essentials.
  • You will instantly be more organised & prepared, & be able to take back control of your family life.
  • You will improve your module scores & finally end your fear of failing.
  • Your self-confidence will grow so you can perform better on placement & at university.
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